Growing Papayas in the Tropics

growing papayas in the tropics papaya fruit

Growing papayas in the tropics is super easy. Or, at least, I’ve been able to grow them with no problems in a tropical climate so I think you should probably be able to too. Here in Queensland Australia, they call papayas pawpaws. Well, I’m from Europe, they’ll always be papayas to me. Pawpaw is actually … Read blog

Save Time With A Non-Traditional Ga...
Save Time With A Non-Traditional Garden

How To Grow Green Chillies

growing green chillies

It may surprise you to know that green chillies and red chillies are the same plant, just one is ripe,and one is picked early. Of course, there are many, many varieties of chilli pepper plant (chile or chili to our US friends, the double l in chilli is the British English version also used in … Read blog

May in the Garden

Tropical Garden in May bananas

What’s growing, fruiting, flowering, germinating, and cropping in our tropical food garden in May? May is the last month of autumn where we are. It’s getting towards the start of the tropical dry season, our winter. We are still getting a little rain, the garden isn’t as dry as a chip, yet. At night it’s … Read blog