What To Plant in The Tropics in May

May is the last month of autumn for us but already it’s getting a bit chilly at night. If you can call 20 degrees C chilly! Days are still hot and we’re still having a little rain, but the dry season is around the corner. We’re still eating aubergines (eggplant), chillies, grapefruit, mung beans, pumpkins … Read blog

November Harvesting and Planting

Pumpkin flowering in November in the tropics

In November in the southern hemisphere tropics the heat is building for us and rain is scarce at the beginning of the month. By November we’re hiding from the heat indoors and only venture outside very early or around sunset. The plants however, all seem to be loving the warmer temperature and are growing fast … Read blog

Snake Beans and Green Ants

Snake neans and green ants

What’s with snake beans and green ants? As soon as the first flowers appeared on our snake bean plants the green ants were there clustered around the flowers and setting up home in the leaves. Until those flowers appeared ( in July, first bean harvest August for us) there had been no green ants at … Read blog

August Harvesting and Planting

Lemon tree flowering in late August in the tropics

What’s growing, fruiting, flowering, germinating, and cropping in our tropical food garden in August. Remember, we’re in the southern hemisphere, just 16 degrees south of the Equator, you may have to flip the seasons if you’re in the tropics in the northern hemisphere. August is the last month of winter for us and we’re into … Read blog

Make Your Own Fertiliser

making fertiliser from garden waste

Yes, you can make your own fertiliser for your plants at home, easily. It can even be free. Making your own fertiliser for garden plants using various methods Make Your Own Fertiliser For Plants Some great ways to make your own fertiliser include: Mulching with organic material. Chop and drop Keep animals for manure Make … Read blog

July Harvesting and Planting

Thai Basil

What are we are picking, harvesting, and planting here in tropical Queensland in July. Every year we will update this post as our garden grows and matures, we have a post like it for every month. As we are in the southern hemisphere July is one of our cooler, drier months, mid-winter, but we’ve turned … Read blog

First Steps in Tropical Food Gardening

Gardening in the tropics is different. It’s not as easy as many gardeners in cooler climates might think. We in the tropics have to deal with phenomenal amounts of rain that can wash away soil and nutrients, change soil pH and leave food plants sitting in a swamp. We have to learn new techniques to … Read blog