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Baby guinea pigs available in Port Douglas, Mossman, Cooya Beach, Julatten and surrounding areas. We can deliver. Simply leave a comment with your email address or phone number and we’ll be in touch.

Baby guinea pig
If you’re looking for baby guinea pigs, or adults, we always have some available to good homes.

Located in Far North Queensland Australia, we have baby guinea pigs as pets or lawn mowers. Guinea pigs are easy to keep, but will need a good dry home during the wet season, guinea pigs don’t tolerate the hot humid conditions of the tropics in summer well at all.

Guinea pigs also need cleaning out regularly and plenty of fresh water, leafy greens, and dried guinea pig food. A guinea pig house like this is fine, but they’ll need extra protection from full sun and heavy rain.

Your guinea pig hutch or enclosure must be snake-proof. Snakes can and do eat guinea pigs in the tropics. We’ve even had a python take an adult goose. Fine aviary mesh is best for snakeproofing. The hutch that our link (above) points to, looks like it has this already. Some guinea pig hutches in pet stores in our region are not snake-proof, don’t buy them.

While guinea pigs can be used in tropical permaculture systems, they are very vulnerable to predators, we recommend protecting them using cages or runs of some sort.

Birds of prey are another hazard to guinea pigs if you leave them to free-range. Gosshawks, owls, and eagles can and do take guinea pigs from your garden.

We also have POL chickens, silkies and backyard mixed varieties, ducks, geese, lambs, baby goats and guinea fowl from time to time. Hatching eggs are also available in season. Just get in touch, we’re local to you.

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