Will Chickens Destroy a Garden?

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Chickens in the garden destroying garden beds

Yes, chickens will destroy a garden in a variety of ways, if they have access to that garden. If you have a small number of chickens in a very large garden you may not notice much damage, but chickens can and do destroy mature plants and can be particularly damaging to young plants and seedlings, … Read blog

Colours of Guinea Fowl

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guinea fowl colours

Domestic Guinea Fowl come in many many colours, including Pearl ( dark grey, wild type), White, Peach, Buff Dundotte, Cinnamon, Copper, Coral, Royal Purple, Porcelain, Slate, Chocolate, Violet or Mulberry, Lavender (also common, light grey) and Coral Blue. In addition almost any type can be pied, pied birds have white patches. Guinea fowl also have some blue red and white markings around their … Read blog

What Does Point of Lay Mean? Chickens at Point of Lay

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point of lay chickens

Point of lay chickens are chickens that are just at the point at which they will start laying eggs. You’ll often see chickens advertised for sale as being at “point of lay” and this is a good time to buy chickens, you should get eggs from these birds within days or weeks. Of course, nobody … Read blog