Can You Eat Silkie Chicken Eggs

Silkie chickens

A lot of people wonder if you can eat silkie chicken eggs. Are these fluffy chickens just pets, or are they any use as egg layers or meat birds? We have a breeding flock of, currently, 12 silkie hens and roosters, and yes, silkie chicken eggs are edible. People, us included, eat silkie chicken eggs … Read blog

Baby Chickens
Baby Chickens

How To Chicken Proof Your Garden. Protect Plants From Chickens

how to chicken proof your garden photos protect plants from chickens

If you have chickens free-ranging in your garden, on your property, homestead or back yard, you’ll need to chicken proof your garden, pots, raised beds, and plants. These are the chicken-proofing ideas and designs that have worked for us in our garden over several years of keeping chickens in a garden or homestead, in suburbia … Read blog