Mistakes We Made In The First Two Years On The Farm

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Sheep and lambs on a tropical homestead

This post is going to be very real, and it may draw some criticism, but this is our journey. We bought our 5 acre farm property (homestead, if you prefer that term) just over 2 years ago now, we acquired a whole bunch of animals, grew a whole bunch of food and it’s been great, … Read blog

10 Foods You Can Grow For Free!

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foods you can grow for free

Gardening is not an expensive hobby if you have time and patience, infact, many plants you can grow for free. We are all feeling the pinch financially these days. Growning more fruit, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs in our own backyard (or even indoors) is a sure-fire way to reduce food bills and save money. … Read blog

How To Grow Bananas

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How bananas are grown on farm

Growing bananas is relatively easy, but requires a warm, humid climate and well-draining soil. Bananas are generally grown in the tropics and are an excellent food plant to grow in a tropical climate. This post covers how to grow bananas for new gardeners who want to branch out from vegetables. Each banana plant will only … Read blog

Does Growing Fruit and Vegetables Save You Money?

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People say that gardening is when you spend $300 to grow $1 worth of tomatoes. This can be true for some people, but if you get it right, growing your own fruit and vegetables can be a great way to save money. In these difficult times, with household expenses going through the roof and a … Read blog

Why Won’t My Plants Grow?

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Plants not growing

Why won’t my plants grow? I’ve been there too. Plants not growing, seedlings not germinating, small, weak plants much smaller than they should be and taking far too long to grow. It may not be your fault, you may not have a “black thumb”. The problem could be your bought soil or compost not being … Read blog

What Fruits Grow in Tropical Climates? Tropical Fruits

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what fruits grow in tropical climates

The list of fruits that grow in tropical climates is incredibly long. There are so many tropical and subtropical fruits you can grow in a tropical climate that you’ll never be able to taste them all. Some fruits that grow in cooler or temperate climates will also grow in the tropics. This post lists all … Read blog

How Do Pineapples Grow?

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how do pineapples grow

Pineapples are sweet, delicious, golden yellow fruits from tropical regions. If you love to eat pineapple but have only seen it in tins or at the grocery store, this post explains how do pineapples grow, and how to grow pineapples. Pineapples are farmed commercially in our region, field after field of rows of spiky pineapple … Read blog